✿ Fairytale Wonderland at Macy’s Flower Show 2018 ✿

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Anywhooo, this weekend was our final chance to experience Macy’s annual spring Flower Show (I know, I know, really sad that it’s over… but if you weren’t able to make it, you can still experience it through my photos! ♡). It’s kind of strange timing-wise, considering every New Yorker knows that spring hasn’t even sprung yet–it’s still in the 30’s here! -.- Hmpf. But can you imagine my delight when I heard that this year’s theme was “Once Upon a Springtime“?! I love anything fantasy/fairytale, so I absolutely had to check it out! Thankfully, the Macy’s at Herald Square is right on my subway line, so it was very convenient.


The Knight’s Quarters, with a shield made up of real flowers… Stunning!

I was blown away as soon as I stepped into the store. The entire ground floor was covered in displays adorned with real, beautiful flowers. Like every fairytale, this one had a story, with bits and pieces of it strewn around the displays for you to discover as you walked.



From what I gathered, Queen Snow was intent on using her magic to bring eternal winter to the land. It was up to her younger sister, Princess Spring, to bring light back to the kingdom (you can read the whole heartwarming story here!). The story seemed very appropriate, given how winter never seems to end this year. ;3


Loving this cute little bunny on the bridge~

Macy’s was incredibly crowded–it was challenging to even walk through the aisles with so many people there to witness the final day of the Flower Show (understandably so! ✿). The most breathtaking display in my opinion was the dragon. In the story, her name is Dagny, and she uses her powerful breath (made with fire-hued flower petals) to melt the ice and snow of winter to help bring spring back to the land. I was enchanted by this dragon design–swirls of purple and pink with flowers and grass sprouting down the length of her back. So beautiful!




Other highlights of the show included the Knight’s Quarters, the Traveler’s potion carriage (that reminded me of the gypsy caravan in Stardust!), and the huge castle entryway set inside a cut-out storybook. Have a look!

30174146_10155188213416962_1570913276_o (1)

A show-stopping entryway!


These little fairy gardens are actually cleverly designed perfume advertisements ♥


30173939_10155188212671962_1783548744_o (1)

Such pretty potions… I wonder what they do~?



Some snippets of our fairytale, artfully falling in a shower of flowers and butterflies


Adorable Macy’s Flower Show souvenirs! It took all of my willpower to resist ^^;


The Macy’s Flower Show has been delighting New Yorkers and tourists alike since 1946–that’s over 70 years of floral enchantment! Though this was my first time at the show, it certainly won’t be my last. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store~! ^__^

Have you ever been to see Macy’s Flower Show? What was the theme? Did you manage to check out “Once Upon a Springtime” this year? I’d love to hear what you think below! ♡

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