🍜 Snow Fox, Adorable Korean Grab-n-Go Café 🍣

Hey there! ☆

There are so many adorable restaurants/cafés/eateries in NYC, it was hard to decide where to start! I’m constantly finding new, exciting places every time I take a stroll around the city. Since I’m still new to New York, I try not to go to the same place more than once or twice… However, that’s impossible to do with my beloved Snow Fox!

Snow Fox, a Korean grab-and-go café, is conveniently located near my work and is right across the street from Madison Square Park, making it the perfect lunchtime spot. Even though this place is from Korea, it actually serves Japanese favorites like sushi, ramen, and Japanese candy, snacks, and bottled drinks.

I tend to stay away from pre-packaged sushi as a general rule, as I always find the rice gummy and gross, but that is not the case here! Their sushi has always been incredibly fresh in my experience. I’ve yet to try the popular ramen or poké bowls, though I definitely plan to in the future. ;D

While I do love Japanese food, of course it was the adorable fox logo that caught my eye while exploring the Madison Square Park area for the first time. How could you not love this?! Not to mention, the color of the place is a pretty pale lilac purple–MY FAVORITE COLOR (and also the color of my nail polish at the time??)! Basically, it was love at first sight. ♡ The interior of the café is a clean, bright white, with the aforementioned purple accents. It’s small but attractive, with their beautiful food lining the walls.







Spicy tuna rolls are always my go-to. The weather has gotten a teeeeensy bit better in NYC lately, so I decided to take my food across the street to Madison Square Park and enjoy the day (and dog-watch, obviously ;P). I’m obsessed with the fact that everything from the takeaway bags to the chopsticks, napkins, soy sauce packets, and sauce cups have the adorable fox logo! Ahhhh!! My heart. They’re too cute to throw away, it’s so conflicting (my apartment and work desk may or may not be filled with random Snow Fox stuff, hehe…).



Of course, Snow Fox has a plethora of cute and yummy beverages to choose from! I actually couldn’t stick with just one… I don’t like hot drinks with my food for some reason, so I decided to get this cute Korean strawberry milk(!!), and then finish everything off with a hot green tea which was perfect for the chilly spring weather. 🍓❤️


To find Snow Fox, just head to the southeast corner of Madison Square Park! You can’t miss that cute white fox up on the building. 🙂 You can also check out their website here for more information. ✿ Once the weather gets warmer, it’ll be even nicer to sit in the park with your deliciously adorable meal and see some fluffy squirrels!

Have a wonderful weekend, cuties! I’m off to Pennsylvania to shoot some zombies, muahahaha… What are you guys up to? 😉 I’d love to hear what fun things you do in the weekend in NYC! Until next time~!

❤ Cat

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