Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone! 🇺🇸

I hope you all have some fun plans lined up! For me, I’m going to a Belgian Beer Bar, pottery painting in Westchester, and a BBQ party with friends. A weekend full of activities… The perfect kind of weekend. ;D My boss let us out of work early yesterday, so I took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and decided to go shopping for some summer clothes. The weather is really starting to heat up here in NYC, and I have zero warm weather clothes after living in Ireland for 2 years. Of course, all that shopping has a way of working up an appetite, so I decided to check out the outdoor Cupcake ATM at the Sprinkles at 780 Lexington Avenue. 🍰

It couldn’t be any easier to get your cupcake fix! You simply choose your flavor on the screen (the flavors are a bit more limited than in the store, it seems), swipe your card (no cash, sorry!), and presto! ✨ A freshly baked cupcake to satisfy your sweet tooth magically appears. c: You may be wondering, “how can they be freshly baked if my sugar cravings strike at 1am?!” Good question! Since these ATMs are attached to Sprinkles stores, they are constantly restocked by employees that don’t leave until 11pm and bakers that arrive as early as 2am to prepare the day’s sweets.

The genius idea was conjured by the founder of Sprinkles (and “Cupcake Wars” judge), Candace Nelson, herself. She had late-night sugar cravings when she was pregnant with her second son and was upset knowing that even she could not get a yummy cupcake at any hour of the day. She realized that the world deserved better, and made it her mission to provide freshly baked goods to the public around the clock. All hail Candace!! 👑 🙌

I decided to go with the sprinkle Funfetti cupcake, as the name of the bakery had me in the mood for some good old rainbow sprinkles. As always, the cupcake was delicious–moist and fresh, despite coming from an ATM. The treat actually comes in a box, so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll transport it if you want to save it for home or as a surprise for friend (a couple girls asked me about that after I received mine!). I also saw that they had pupcakes for sale at the ATM, so if your precious pooch was a good boy on his walkie, you can give him a well-deserved reward! 🐶💕


I hope you all have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

💖 Cat

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