Bibble & Sip: Alpaca-Themed Café


Yes, my lovely friends, you heard correctly: Alpaca-themed café! 😻

If cartoony-yet-classy alpaca decor is not enough to lure you to this cute coffee shop just minutes from Times Square, then the cream puffs will be. I’ve popped over to Bibble & Sip a handful of times now, and every single time I’m in line, I am torn between trying something new or just playing it safe and getting one of their famous cream puffs. The fact that I cave and get a cream puff (and maybe something extra, hehee~) each time should tell you how magical these things are! The 3 staple flavors are matcha white chocolate (my go-to), Earl Grey vanilla cream, and black sesame white chocolate. They are seriously to die for (just don’t put a half-eaten cream puff in your bag for later–trust me, not a good idea).



I’m in love with all of the alpaca decor touches! Seriously, where do they get this stuff?!

Another tasty treat that Bibble & Sip is known for is the macaron. Unsurprisingly, the macarons here are absolutely adorable! Every time I’m in the shop, I’m greeted with new character-shaped macarons in a unique variety of Asian flavors: red bean, matcha, passionfruit, melon, sesame, yuzu, and more. I’ve seen macarons here shaped like alpacas, Gudetama, Doraemon, and our beloved neighbor Totoro. It always makes me so happy to go and see what character they’ve cooked up for customers that day! 😸



My “lucky alpaca” macaron was almost too cute to eat… And look, it’s Doraemon! 

Of course, a coffee shop is not complete without a delicious drink selection. I’m not a coffee drinker myself, unfortunately, so I can’t attest to their coffee (though I did order the iced lavender latte once on accident and it was nice ☕); however, the matcha lattes here are just magical! The owner of the café, Gary Chan, is a huge fan of jasmine, so the jasmine matcha latte here is a staple. It’s not an overwhelming taste of jasmine, but it gives the matcha latte a fragrant aroma that compliments the tea in such a pleasant way. Highly recommend it to all of my fellow matcha lovers! I also treated myself to a roseberry float on one occasion, and though I couldn’t really taste the rose flavor amidst the overpowering berry, it was highly refreshing on a warm, humid summer’s day in the city. 🍵



This alpaca cup is too cute! And just look at the crunchy texture on that matcha cream puff. YUM!

Now, I must warn you–this shop is small. I’ve come on weekdays and weekends, early afternoon and evening, trying to figure out when this place isn’t overly crowded. The answer is: never! Of course, I’m ecstatic that they are doing so well and I don’t blame the crowds for coming. I’m just letting you know so that you don’t count on getting a table and are disappointed when you discover that it’s an impossible task. 🙂 I hope that one day they are able to grow their establishment and expand the seating availability! After a day of exploring the city, it would be nice to sit and enjoy your cream puff.



The panna cotta looks super yummy, and you can keep the pot! I need to get one next time. 🙂 

At this point, you may be wondering… What in the world does ‘bibble‘ mean?! 😮

Great question! It’s actually not a made-up word, as I had originally assumed. According to a little note on one of their chalkboard menus, ‘bibble’ is an archaic English word that means to eat messily and hurriedly. The more you know! 😉

The next time you’re seeing a Broadway show over in Times Square, head up to Bibble & Sip and chat about your favorite musical numbers over a sweet treat and a latte! I’m certain that this charming alpaca café will quickly become a favorite spot for you and your kawaii-loving friends. 💕

💚 Cat

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