Anime-Style Mural & Takahachi Bakery

Hello, everyone! 🇺🇸🎆⭐

Did you have a nice 4th of July holiday? Mine was very relaxing! Went to the gym, started up a new anime (have any of you seen “Violet Evergarden” on Netflix? I just love the art style~), cooked up a super American mix of macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, and French fries, then went up to the apartment Sky Deck (our fancy word for the rooftop lounge) to watch the fireworks! There’s such a gorgeous view up there of the Manhattan city skyline, we really should make use of it more often… 🍟🍷

Anywho! I’m sure you know by now that NYC has some pretty cool street art. You won’t walk far in this city without seeing some. But if you’re anything like me (and since you’re reading this, you probably are! heehee), you may find yourself wondering… But is any of it cute?

It’s a tiny bit of a challenge, but I’m happy to tell you that yes, it is possible to find some super cute street art here–if you know where to look!

The first one I’m going to show you is this beautiful anime-style mural that’s currently painted at the World Trade Center site. It was done by the Brooklyn-based artist Stickymonger and is titled, “Cosmic Traveler”. I am SO in love with this piece!! I adore anything space/star-related, and her blue eyes are just so hypnotic. Purple is also my favorite color, and as you can see, it is the dominant color in this painting. I could stare at it all day! 👾🚀💫




I read an interview with some of the artists that worked on murals at this structure, and their words were so inspiring. They talked about how they wanted to bring vibrant color to the World Trade Center area, as so many tourists and New Yorkers come and feel sadness at the memories of 9/11 and the devastation that occurred there.

“The vibe that I’m getting from all of the executives I’m meeting is that there’s a desire for this place not to be so mournful. They want it to be like a phoenix rising of some sort,” said artist Todd Gray. “I’m out here every day in pure gratitude. It’s a fabulous opportunity and an extraordinarily humbling experience.” 💜 (Read the full article here!)

I think they all did a wonderful job brightening up the place! What do you think (I also wonder how challenging it is spray painting on that corrugated metal… hmmm~)?


After checking out the murals at the World Trade Center, I’d highly suggest walking a few minutes down the street to Takahachi Bakery! I first discovered this place when I did some temporary jobs at the World Trade Center back in November/December. This place is a cozy Japanese café and bakery with delicious simple lunch food and sweet treats. I always get the California sandwich, which consists of avocado, crab, and some kind of yummy mayo. So, so good!! This time, they had a strawberry mille crêpe cake. Ever since living in Japan, I’ve fallen in love with crêpe cakes, so I couldn’t resist! This one actually had a sponge cake bottom underneath the layers of crêpe, which was an unexpected but welcome touch. Heavenly~! The white peach iced tea was also quite tasty. 🍓🍰





I don’t know how long these murals will be up at the World Trade Center, so go check them out while you can! I’ll be sure to show you more cute street art around NYC in the future. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

💛 Cat

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