Unicorn Treats at Taiyaki NYC!

Hi there! How is everyone coping with this heat?! ☀️ It was in the 90s here in the city today, and even though it’s easy to complain about the hot weather, I much prefer this to the freezing temperatures we had this winter… Especially when it gives me an excuse to eat ice cream as delicious as this magical unicorn treat from Taiyaki NYC! 🍦✨


Those little unicorn ears! That sparkling golden horn! I die. 😍

I’m not lying to you guys here when I say this is the best ice cream cone I’ve ever had in my life. The ice cream itself is nice (the flavor that it comes with when you order the unicorn cone is strawberry, as seen here), but that’s not the main attraction of this unique dessert. The part that I crave constantly is the fish-shaped waffle! Something about the flavor of this waffle is simply heaven. 😇 It’s perfectly crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside, and cooked fresh on-site every day. The tail part is filled with red bean paste, which is very common in Japanese sweets. You just have to try it to see what I mean! I promise you’ll agree with me wholeheartedly. c:

According to their website, this little shop was opened by a team of first and second-generation Asian-Americans from a variety of Far East cities, including Tokyo, Taiwan, Mandalay, Haiphong, and Guangzhou. They say that Taiyaki NYC was opened with 3 ingredients–faith, love, and luck. 😉 The growing popularity of the store has led to them opening a shop in Miami just this year. Such an inspiring story! 💫


So many different combinations, I guess I just have to try them all… 😹

The only downside to Taiyaki NYC is that it is a bit pricey. As you can see from the menu here, an ice cream cone will set you back $8–definitely more expensive than any other ice cream I’ve seen in the city. However, as an occasional treat, I’d say it’s worth it. The waffle itself is very filling, so if you think of it like you’re paying for dessert at a restaurant, it’s not that bad. In fact, despite the prices, I’ve already come back for a second taiyaki… 😅

Going along with the unicorn theme, Taiyaki NYC also has these INSANELY CUTE UNICORN FLOATS~!! Honestly, I’m not sure what it I was looking forward to getting more, the unicorn taiyaki or this unicorn float. The drink itself is a pretty purple taro slush with cotton candy sprinkles and whipped cream–a match made in heaven for this cute lil rainbow unicorn. After finishing off the drink (jk, even with my crazy sweet tooth, this thing was wayyy to sweet to finish!), I brought the unicorn float to work at the office to use every day as a cup holder. It brightens up my day every time I see it! 💖


Cutest cup holder in any galaxy! And the gold paper straw is a nice touch. 😉

(By the way, while I was walking with this ridiculously flamboyant drink, two different ladies approached me and asked where I got it before promptly heeding my directions and going to adopt a unicorn themselves. You’re welcome, Taiyaki NYC~ 😘)

Something that I do want to point out is that this place is super-duper tiny. Don’t expect to sit down with your ice cream! Grab your taiyaki and take a nice stroll around Chinatown and Little Italy. There are so many interesting things to see, it’s a much better choice anyway. 🙂 There’s also usually a bit of a line as this place is very popular, but it goes quickly so you won’t be waiting long.



My favorite part is when the ice cream soaks into the waffle… yummm 😀


“Berry Lovely” Signature Taiyaki: vanilla ice cream, custard taiyaki cone, strawberry drizzle, rainbow sprinkles, and some yummy rainbow mochi~


(Pssst, here’s a secret… Some of the taiyaki fish waffle cones have eyelashes, and some don’t! :o)

Which flavor of taiyaki ice cream are you going to try?! I’m definitely going to go for the matcha next. 🍦

Until next time, stay cool out there, cuties! 😸

💜 Cat

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