Anime NYC 2018

Ahh, the anime con… that magical time of year where you can dress like Super Simpson Vegeta, gorge yourself on Pocky, squeal “senpai!” at strangers, and no one will give you a sideways glance. 🙂

This November was my first time experiencing New York’s biggest anime convention, “Anime NYC”, and I had a wonderful time! 

I started attending LA’s Anime Expo about 10 years ago and watched it grow exponentially year by year. Anime NYC reminded me fondly of AX’s early years back before it was affectionately referred to as “Line Con”–large, but manageable.

It was clear that this wasn’t the first rodeo for the convention staff at the Javits Center. Issues that regularly plague other cons were nonexistent. For example, soft foam padding was placed on the floor in the middle of the Exhibit Hall with games for people to be comfortable and entertain themselves while resting their legs. Plenty of food vendors in various locations made it easy to grab a snack or bottle of water without having to waste precious time waiting in line. The line situation going into the highly-attended Masquerade event was also professionally handled–the staff members organized us into rows of 4 to maximize space in the waiting area and efficiently hustled us into the room when it was time to enter. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with how the convention staff and volunteers organized and ran this event (Anime Expo, take notes! 😉).

I was also thrilled with how many attendees decided to cosplay! It’s always fun seeing what people come up with to represent the characters they love and testing my anime knowledge by guessing the costumes. I usually love to take advantage of the rare opportunity to wear cosplay in public, but unfortunately, my costume didn’t arrive in time, so I resigned myself to capturing the experience behind the camera. :p

One of my favorite things about conventions is always the Artist Alley! The one at Anime NYC didn’t disappoint. There were rows upon rows of talented artists selling prints, T-shirts, hoodies, pins, keychains, and other merchandise featuring their artwork. I finally took the plunge and started my own little pin collection after finding several adorable ones such as an Eevee, pastel luna moth, bat, witch cat, and shiba in a taiyaki ice cream cone (any suggestions on where I should put them besides my con lanyard?)! I also found some super cute glitter character keychains and picked up a couple featuring Azura (Fire Emblem) and the Eeveelutions! My fiancé is a huge Dark Souls fan and found a chibi Knight Solaire pin to praise the sun on his backpack, along with a metal print of Geralt from the Witcher in a very cool ukiyo-e art style. 

The Masquerade is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated events at any convention, and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance this year. Professional dance group “Magnetism”, comprised of talented dancers from various countries around Asia, opened the show on a high note. The emcee was very entertaining, and it was great to see the effort and dedication that all of our fellow anime fans put into their costumes and acts. 

Without further ado, take a peek at some photos I took at this year’s Anime NYC! I tried to find some of the cutest costumes, booths, and merchandise for my fellow kawaii-lovers to enjoy! 💖✨

These Funko Pops have TAKEN OVER! By far the most numerous item at the Exhibit Hall. 😮
Taiko Drummer is always our favorite arcade game to play in Japan! You HAVE to try it!
One Punch Man is one of Conor’s favorite shows… (fun fact: my BFF is one of the voices in the dubbed show! ^^)
It was so hard to resist all of this adorable merch! D: ❤
This pool of Bananyas was so cozy and adorable! One of my highlights for sure! c:
Can you spot the kitten on Al’s shoulder? 😉 
Final Fantasy group decided to do Tidus’ infamous “HAHAHA!” for the photographers 😂
MY HERO! This guy said he loves Hufflepuff AND Captain America, so he is… Captain Hufflepuff! Just perfect. 💯👌
DJ Hosaka was a huge hit with these fans, who were dancing and waving glowsticks around the Exhibit Hall!
Artist Alley
Dance team “Magnetism” opened the Masquerade with an impressive number! 
Performers dressed as various Vocaloid characters onstage at the Masquerade

For those of you who missed out on Anime NYC this year, never fear! There are a few other great East coast conventions coming up for you to get your weeaboo fix in the near future: 

MAGFest: I’ve heard from a handful of people that the “Music and Gaming Festival”, held the first weekend of January in National Harbor, Maryland, is their favorite convention. They love that it caters to older fans and has a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. The heavy emphasis on music is unique, and definitely a draw for me! 😉 

Katsucon: This convention is also held in National Harbor, Maryland, but unlike MAGFest, it caters solely to anime fans. I’ve heard great things about this con, and the smaller attendance would appeal to those looking for a more intimate experience.

PAX East: This large Boston gaming convention isn’t held until the final weekend of March, but the Saturday-only pass is already sold out! 80,000+ attendees enjoyed the con last year, so act fast if you want to take part in the action. 

Have any of you ever attended Anime NYC or any other East coast anime conventions in the past? If so, what did you think about them? 🙂

Until next time! 💛Cat 

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