Conquer Winter Skin Woes at L’Ovue

Hello, everyone! It’s my first post of 2019, and I hope you all had a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year! 🙂

Is it just me, or does your skin also rebel against you as soon as the temperatures dip below freezing? ❄️The icy air and frigid winds just dry my face out like crazy, causing my lips to permachap and my cheeks to flush red from windburn. My skin was the worst it has ever been last January because of these frigid New York temperatures, so I’m trying to take extra good care of it to avoid any repeats this year!

In an attempt to combat mother nature’s ill effects on my face, I decided that a skincare routine focusing on moisture was my best bet. As I’m sure many of you are aware, sheet masks have been all the rage these past few years, popping up everywhere from little Chinatown shops to good ol’ Duane Reade. Upon digging into my own dwindling supply of sheet masks from last year, I was dismayed to see that most of them had actually expired (did you know these things have a limited shelf life?! Be sure to check yours out before ripping them open!).

I was past due for a pilgrimage to the sheet mask mecca of New York City: Koreatown.

Since I am blessed to have K-town so close to my workplace, I decided to brave the winter winds on my lunch break and head over there to scope out some masks. There are a few places in K-town that I frequent to the exclusion of others, simply because I’m familiar with them and their products. However, a new shop called L’Ovue Beauty & Mask caught my eye as it appeared to specialize in face masks. I had passed it several times before, but finally decided to check it out due to the specific nature of the day’s search (plus, I’m pretty sure the name is supposed to be some sort of classy, French-styling of “love you“, which is perfect for February! 💘).

The first thing I noticed upon entering the store was how big it actually is. The place appears tiny from the outside, but that’s only because it’s narrow–the shop extends backwards for ages! Just row upon row of sheet masks, skincare, and makeup–oh, my! 😍

The next thing I noticed was the ultra-kawaii little setup of plushies that greet you as soon as you walk in. I immediately recognized our adorable Rilakkuma friends, as well as the shy Sumikkogurashi characters above. The store had plenty of Valentine’s-themed decorations, including a huge panel of pastel flowers and heart above the cashier, which only added to the shop’s adorable ambience.

The first products you see upon entering L’Ovue are, of course, the sheet masks. There are several shelves stocked full of masks–to be honest, there were almost too many, and I quickly became overwhelmed by the massive selection. As you’d expect, the packaging of the products themselves is written in Korean, so I was basically just choosing items based on price and how much I liked their look (not the greatest way to choose your skincare, but hey, what can you do?). Masks ranged from $2 to $5, though I stuck with the $2 brands. There are plenty of employees walking around that are more than willing to help you out, so if you are looking for something to treat a specific condition, then don’t be afraid to speak up!

I was surprised to see how much makeup the store has, since I assumed it was just a little shop for sheet masks. How very wrong I was! L’Ovue boasts products from 80+ East Asian beauty brands, so you’re not going to find these products in Sephora. The items are quite unique–I was amused to find a contour stick designed specifically for slimming your nose. They’re also very cute/beautiful, which is something I’ve noticed in Asian beauty products. They really go the extra mile to create aesthetically pleasing packaging that makes you happy to just look at. 🙂 Check out L’Ovue’s website and Instagram if you’re curious about which specific brands they stock! 💄

The CUTEST welcome gang ever!
All of these are sheet masks! How do you ever choose?! If you have a favorite kind, let me know so I can try it out next time! 🙂
See how deep this shop goes? Just a magical rabbit hole of Asian beauty 🙂
I’ve gotta come back and check out their makeup in-depth sometime!
A nice little ode to NYC as you come in~
View from the back of the shop… Sinks for washing products from your hands? They’ve truly thought of everything!
This heart-flower wall and the large TV showing k-pop music videos are nice touches!
I really like the L’Ovue logo. Simple design, but pretty & elegant. Reminds me of a doily!
My L’Ovue haul!

You can check out my whole L’Ovue haul above. I tried to pick some masks that would be good for moisture… Very curious to experience the banana milk one in particular! I got the adorable Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Mist thinking that I could use it to hydrate my face throughout the day, but it was only after getting home that I discovered the white one is for mattifying and the pink one is for hydrating. Curses! Oh well, just gives me an excuse to go back. 🙂

Do you have any tried-and-true tips for keeping your skin happy during these cold months? If so, please let me know, I’d love to hear!

Until next time, keep warm out there, and stay cute!


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