About Me!

Hiya! ♥

My name is Cat. I’m so glad you found your way to my blog celebrating all things adorable in New York City! c:

I’ve been enamored of kawaii culture ever since 5th grade, when I discovered a manga called Tokyo Mew Mew in the children’s section of Barnes and Noble. Cats, girls, strawberries, magical powers… What’s not to love?! I was immediately smitten, and my dad was nice enough to buy it for me (little did he know, he doomed himself to several more years of begrudgingly buying manga for his weeb daughter, hehe~).

I moved to Japan to teach English for a year after college, and though I’ve visited over a dozen unforgettable countries at this point, I still long for the casual cuteness of Japan in everything from subway signs to vending machines. These little things just gave my days tiny extra boosts of joy.

My experience in Japan changed my life in many wonderful ways. In fact, it’s where I met my lovely fiancé! After traveling the world for a few years, we decided to move back to his hometown: New York City.

When you think of New York City, the word “cute” doesn’t exactly come to mind. When I moved here, I was disappointed with the lack of information about cute things to see, eat, and do. I was worried that I would just have to resign myself to a fate of cold, gray skyscrapers, ill-tempered taxi drivers, and littered streets.

HOWEVER, after living in this crazy city for a few months, I realized that NYC does have its fair share of cuteness, and I’m here to prove it to you!

I’m so happy that you’re here to join me on this adventure to discover everything kawaii in NYC! Let’s go! ✩

“The one true, unchanging righteousness in the world is… cuteness! Cute makes right! All our needs, desires, and instincts seek cuteness, and it is for cuteness that we will give everything we have!” — Sora, No Game, No Life